Call of Duty Warzone Playlist Update Removes Verdansk Resurgence but Adds Plunder

Call of duty recently entered its fourth season of the game. As with previous major updates, there were a plethora of changes made to all of the active Call of Duty titles. These include five new weapons, new multiplayer maps, and new points of interest for the map of Verdansk.

In the patch notes for Season 4, Raven Software detailed the various changes introduced to the titles. Additionally, it also set a roadmap for the updates that would be arriving in the coming weeks.

The weekly Warzone playlist updates are part of this. Raven Software took to Twitter to announce that the Plunder game mode would be returning to Verdansk for teams of three. Furthermore, players can now enjoy Resurgence Duos on Rebirth Island.

In wake of these changes, the developer has removed Resurgence-mini trios and Plunder Quads from Verdansk. However, Resurgence Quads will be available for another week on the Rebirth Island map.

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New bug fixes arrive for Call of Duty Warzone

One of the biggest additions to the Season 4 update was the new LMG named the MG-42. While fans were excited for a new viable option in the LMG class, they did not expect the shredding machine we got. The initial release of the MG-42 introduced a weapon with ridiculous bullet velocity and fire rate. Coupled with the fact that it had virtually no recoil and the MG-42 was possibly the most overpowered weapon in the history of the franchise.

This new LMG was patched just a day into its release in order to balance the weapon. In addition to this, Raven Software has removed Riot Shields from ground loot in Verdansk temporarily. Players will now only be able to find this item in Supply boxes. There have also been bug fixes for the new Red Doors.

Players are supposed to go through these doors to find a plethora of loot. However, due to a recent bug, players are unable to interact with the doors as a whole. The recent update has fixed these bugs and more. Are you excited about this week’s Warzone playlist? Let us know in the comments down below.

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