Call of Duty Warzone: Ranking the Best SMG Loadouts in the Game

Call of Duty Warzone: Ranking the Best SMG Loadouts in the Game

It would be an understatement to say Call of Duty Warzone provides players multiple weapons to use in a virtual scenario. The weapons are multiple, but their numbers exceed expectations. Some of these weapons, like snipers, are perfect for eliminating enemies from a distance. Assault Rifles are good for both long-range and mid-range combat. But up-close, you need something that can quickly take down enemies, and SMGs are your go-to guns here. And there are also two meta-loadouts that make it even easier to kill enemies at a close range.

The game currently offers 18 SMGs for those close-quarters encounters where you need a fast-firing weapon. But among these 18 SMGs, some are better than others and are better suited for the purpose SMGs are supposed to serve.

Best SMGs to use in your loadouts in Call of Duty Warzone

1. Nail Gun

The Nail Gun was introduced to the game earlier this season. The gun packs a punch and can be acquired through the completion of challenges. Its fire rate might not be as high as some other SMGs on this list, but it makes up for this by dealing plenty of damage.

Call of Duty Warzone: Ranking the Best SMG Loadouts in the Game

2. PPsh-41

Arguably the best SMG in the game, the PPsh is perfect for those who like to engage in fast-paced close-quarters combat as much as possible because the gun’s time to kill (TTK) at close range is superb.

3. Milano 821/LC10

Both these guns are equally viable options for close-mid-range combat and sniper-support loadouts. Both these guns are pretty accurate and come with a recoil not too difficult to control.

4. MP5 (MW)

A gun that has been consistently used by top players, the MP5 is a beast at close range. It has great damage and mobility. And those are two very important factors that matter in close-range combat.

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What attachments to use for these guns in Warzone?

The first loadout caters to most SMGs, but the MP5 might not benefit from it. So bear that in mind.

Muzzle – Sound Suppressor
Barrel – Task Force
Laser – Tiger Team Spotlight
Ammunition – Stagnag Rnd Drum
Stock  – Raider Stock

The second loadout for the MP5 (MW)

Barrel – Monolithic Integral Suppressor
Laser – 5mW Laser
Stock – FTAC Collapsable
Ammunition – 45 Round Mags
Underbarrel – Merc Foregrip

If players use these meta-loadouts with the aforementioned guns, they will surely find themselves winning more games in Warzone than before.

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