Destiny 2: What Is Stacks on Stacks and How to Use It

In Destiny 2, players can use powerful mechanics like Charged With Light to boost their chances of victory. Players can use it to increase the effects of the buff which depends on the armor mod. This includes damage resistance, super energy and many other others. These mods consume stacks of Charged with Light to create these buffs.

Along with that, the game also has some mods that allow players to gain Charged with Light Stacks. This includes Precisely Charged, Precisions Charge, Quick Charge and many more. But one of the more interesting and useful ones to use for a build is none other Stacks on Stacks.

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What is Stacks on Stacks in Destiny 2?

The Stacks on Stacks Dawn Armor Mod allows players to gain an extra stack of Charged With Light for every stack they gain. The stat penalty for this mod in Destiny 2 is -10 recovery, and the cost to put this on a piece of armor is four Void. It’s a general mod so players can put this on any type of Void armor in the game that will accept it.

In Destiny 2, players can only purchase Charged with Light mods from Banshee-44 in the Tower. But he doesn’t sell all of them together. Every day, he will see two of them randomly. So if players want to buy Stacks on Stacks from Banshee-44, then they might have to wait for a long time for it to be available. Fans can then buy Stacks on Stacks for 10 Mod Components just like every other Charged With Light mod in the game.

Destiny 2: What Is Stacks on Stacks and How to Use It

How to use Stacks on Stacks?

By using this mod on any armor pieces, players will receive a 2x multiplier on every stack of Charged With Light they gain. While collecting the orbs after killing the enemies, players will only receive one stack. But with Stacks on Stacks, the mod allows them to gain two stacks of Charged With Light per orb. The mod is very vital for players who want to try a Charged With Light build in Destiny 2.

Most players will constantly use stacks of Charged With Light while fighting enemies in PvE. So it’s important that they have something to regain it as well. By using Stacks on Stacks, players will have a much better time gaining Charged With Light in the game. Bungie has given an opportunity for fans to create some great builds using these items, and players should definitely try it out.

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