“I Don’t Think Acting Is My Passion” – Randy Orton Opens up on His WWE Retirement

Randy Orton has been in WWE for decades. In fact, he has been the go-to guy for WWE for years at stretch. His dependable personality and work ethic make him one of the most well-rounded wrestlers in the history of the business.

“I Don’t Think Acting Is My Passion” – Randy Orton Opens up on His WWE Retirement

During a recent interview on “The Kurt Angle Show“, Randy Orton reflected upon many notable topics. Among many things asked during the interview, one of the more interesting ones was about his retirement from wrestling.

He said that he has no such plans as of yet. Moreover, he ruled out any chances of him going to Hollywood. His words were,

“You know, a lot of guys — I see them branching off and doing other things or making sure that they have something lined up for when they can’t wrestle anymore. I kind of, and I don’t know if this is showing my cards or not, I kind of see myself being with WWE for life. I don’t know why I would go anywhere else I mean, who knows what the future holds. But although I love movies and I love sending in auditions, you know almost monthly. Hell, I got a script right now I’m looking at.

“But I don’t think acting is my passion. I’m not trying to move to Hollywood or move to New York and be a full-time actor the way Batista did it, the way Cena did it. They used WWE as kind of a jumping board to go into Hollywood and all that stuff. I think I’m, contents the wrong word, happy is the right word, with kind of my place in the WWE right now”

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Randy Orton doesn’t want to change things

“The Viper” continued that his wife has promised him that if she thinks that Randy is becoming a parody of himself, she’s going to let him know that it’s time to hang up the boots. But till then, Orton wants to enjoy his time in WWE and maybe even wrestle after he is 50 years old.

The fans love Orton for his dedicated service throughout the years and have no desire to see him retire anytime soon.

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