Injury Alert: Atlanta Hawks’ Trae Young Returns After Ankle Injury Scare in Game 3 vs Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks met Atlanta Hawks on their first road game in the series and saw a rough start. A Kevin Huerter steal on Giannis Antetokounmpo led to Clint Capela starting the game with a massive dunk. In no time, the Hawks went 25-10 up, giving the Bucks the worst possible beginning.

Trae Young looked more like his Game 1 self in Game 3. The 22-YO converted an early 36-footer logo three and proved that he has regained his long-range confidence. If that wasn’t enough, he coupled it with a floater and soon reached 14 points in just 11 minutes.

Did Atlanta Hawks’ Trae Young injure himself?

The Bucks donned their city edition blue jerseys to the game. And hypothetically, that started helping them in Q2 when a Jrue Holiday assist led to a Giannis Antetokounmpo dunk and score went 42-44. Later, the Bucks closed the first hald with a 10-0 run in final minutes and leveled the points.

However, the visible turning point in the game came when Trae Young possibly injured himself. The youngster had 32 points to his name when he mistakenly stepped on to the feet of a ref and twisted his ankle.

Before moving out, he had endured a bad pass turnover and the Hawks were neck-to-neck against the Bucks by then. Later, the point-leader came back with 08:44 left on the game clock as he replaced Kevin Huerter and led the charge with a narrow 4-point lead.

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Where did the Bucks lag in the beginning?

First off, the Bucks somehow again made the terrible mistake of leaving Trae Young unguarded. They gave him open looks and he dropped threes as if he was taking free throws. Take a look at his shimmy moment – 

Prior to the game, Khris Middleton had accepted that “Atlanta is a dangerous team”, and tasted a flavor of it tonight. Although he scored 32 points by the half Q4, the time he took for those FTs explained the pressure. The Bucks had a three-point lead with 5 minutes remaining.

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