Magic Johnson Believes LeBron James Wants to Win Five Rings Like Him and Kobe Bryant

Magic Johnson Believes LeBron James Wants to Win Five Rings Like Him and Kobe Bryant

The Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James were seen as the favorites to win the ring this season. With LBJ and Anthony Davis and the roster re-tooled, the Purple & Gold were heavy favorites to conquer the league for second year in a row.

While their season got off to a blazing start, injuries derailed the champions’ regular season as they dropped to the seventh seed. In their post-season, the Lakers saw yet another tragedy as Anthony Davis suffered from an injury. With AD’s injury, LeBron’s hopes of winning his fifth ring this season vanished and the Lake show crashed out in the first round.

Lakers’ legend Magic Johnson believes LeBron James won’t catch Michael Jordan

The Purple & Gold surely had massive expectations this season. But LBJ and the Lakers like many other teams suffered the wrath of injuries. While LBJ has always been pretty competitive in the post-season, he has had his fair share of failures deep in the playoffs.

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Given how sporadic his championship wins have been, Magic Johnson believes that ‘King James’ might not be able to catch his idol Michael Jordan. In a recent appearance at KJZ, Magic claimed that LeBron might not catch MJ but might look to emulate Kobe Bryant.

“I think LeBron, he wants one more. He wants that fifth one. I got five. Kobe got five. So I know. He gotta be saying, ‘I gotta get five at least’ because I don’t think he gonna get the six like MJ, but that’s what he’s chasing. But he might get it but we just have to wait and see.”

Given that LeBron is 36-year-old and still dominating is the testament to the King’s success. While his dominance continues, the Lakers have to be equally competitive for next season.

The off-season will be key for this. With an extended off-time, the Lakers will hope that their superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis recover from injuries. Their off-season moves can by Rob Pelinka might also be key for LeBron and Co. to challenge for the title.

While LeBron has pretty much been invincible for majority of his career, he has started to show signs of being a mortal as he has suffered from two long time injuries in last three years. Can the Lakers help the King to win two more rings?

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