OPINION: It’s High Time miHoYo Rolls Out a Roadmap for Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is still dealing with a massive issue of leakers, as the studio continues to tackle the problem. miHoYo has already stated that it will take stringent efforts against these miscreants. The studio has promised to take legal action against such people. It won’t take it lightly if media publications supported these activities.

This problem can be tackled in a much easier way if the studio only rolled out a roadmap. This will allow the players to look forward to things and also render leaking activity futile.

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OPINION: It’s High Time miHoYo Rolls Out a Roadmap for Genshin Impact

Roadmap for Genshin Impact should include upcoming content for the year

The leaking activity will not stop at any point, which is going to remain a heel. This problem will continue to haunt miHoYo, irrespective of their stringent steps. The studio needs to come up with a roadmap for the same, which will only help the community. Veteran players will get a broader idea of all the things that are yet to come.

It will keep them invested in the game, and this will bring more joy to them to see upcoming characters planned out. The leaks and everything usually revolves around characters and their special abilities. Getting an elaborate roadmap for all things that are being planned out will be a great move. The studio needs to understand that the title lacks content and each update only adds so much content.

This leaves a massive empty landscape, which offers nothing for players to do. Veterans of the game feel demotivated after hitting Adventure Rank 55, as the required XP becomes too daunting to achieve. Fans only play the game in the downtime to collect primogems and beyond that, there isn’t in the game. If the players know what characters are in the pipeline, it will help them make a conscious decision, before making the crucial pulls.

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OPINION: It’s High Time miHoYo Rolls Out a Roadmap for Genshin Impact

Transparency will help the title’s longevity

First up, leaks mainly revolve around characters, and the studio can counter it easily by being more transparent. Gamers will be excited about the upcoming updates and they would what is being worked on at all times. It will grant the community the much-needed clarity and grant it longevity as well. If not, then the game could run its course much earlier, with the majority of the fanbase walking away from the game. The studio indeed shares developers’ discussions on its official website, but sadly it is not enough.

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