Oscar De La Hoya Talks About His Possibilities of Fighting Floyd Mayweather

Even after hanging up his gloves from boxing, Oscar De La Hoya has stayed highly relevant to the fight world. With his antics and trash-talking abilities, De La Hoya has remained a top-notch boxing hotshot over the years. Also, he has a massive love for the sport of boxing. And to keep that love going, he is all set to take up a boxing exhibition bout against Vitor Belfort.

But ‘Golden Boy’ doesn’t wish to stop here. Instead, he’s looking at a wider picture, thus seeking to rematch his foe, Floyd Mayweather.

In a fresh conversation with Lance Pugmire, De La Hoya spoke about the probabilities of a Floyd Mayweather rematch. He said, “I think it’s all about money for him (Mayweather), so why not. I think there’s a lot of money for him to make in that fight. I think so why not.”

‘Pretty Boy’ and De La Hoya fought each other in 2007. This fight was regarded as the biggest boxing bout of that decade and it amassed extensive eyeballs for obvious reasons. In this WBC super-welterweight fight, Mayweather completely smothered De La Hoya.

More than a win, this fight was for the legacy, and fans even considered it as a passing of the baton. That said, this contest still proved to be an entertainer, and it was one of the career-defining fights for Mayweather.

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Moving further, ‘Golden Boy’ has abruptly developed a fire to go all guns blazing against ‘Money’. And the fans are keen to see what happens next between this pair.

Oscar De La Hoya says his rematch with Floyd Mayweather will outdo the latter’s fight with Conor McGregor

In the above interview, De La Hoya asserted, “Well I think we can outdo the Mayweather (vs) Conor McGregor. Oh absolutely. It’ll be huge. Just the whole rivalry we’ve had over the years and the fact that it’ll be a people know it’ll be a real fight.”

Mayweather and his team have revealed nothing for now pertaining to a fight with De La Hoya. Yet, the latter is optimistic and supremely keen to contend with his rival in an exhibition.

Do you really think Mayweather vs De La Hoya 2 will happen? What do you make of ‘Golden Boy’s statements?

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