Prince Kaybee dragged following his comment on rape

Prince Kaybee dragged following his comment on rape

Prince Kaybee has landed himself into hot water after a tweet he made regarding the rape allegation against DJ Fresh and Euphonik

This is coming after National Prosecuting Authority withdrew the rape case against them.

Many took to their social media to express their disappointment towards the news while others showed their support to them stating how happy they are the issue has been resolved.

However, Prince Kaybee was one of the celebs who expressed disappointment but did not direct his words to the accused, he rather encouraged Rape victims to report the incident immediately after it happens. .

The NPA could not go on with the case due to insufficient evidence, therefore Prince Kaybee’s advice rape victims.
In his tweet, he asked those who have been raped one way or the other to report immediately and so many women felt offended by his statement.
One woman told Kaybee to not comment on issues he has not experienced as he does not know what goes on in the woman’s mind after getting raped.
“I personally feel that no one can comment on an issue they have never faced. Rape is not only a physical act, it comes with a lot of trauma. There is a lot of psychological trauma, shame and a lot of other things you can’t explain. To people who have never been raped, keep quiet, ” a female tweep wrote.
Reacting to this, Prince defended himself saying he has the right to share his opinion about certain issues.

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