Watch: A Rub Tickling But Accurate Recap of Halo Storyline As We Await Launch of Infinite

Halo is making a return in 2021, as the Xbox and Bethesda studio revealed a piece of vital news in E3. The studio showcased a brand new trailer for the highly expected Halo Infinite. Xbox’s head Phil Spencer also revealed that they are going to release its multiplayer in fall season of 2021 and it will be free-to-play.

Naturally, this could lead towards the eventual release of Halo’s solo campaign. If you haven’t played the older games in a while and need a recap then look no further than the video below. It will bring you up to speed and give you a detailed walk-through of Halo’s storyline.

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Halo Infinite is stepping into the free-t0-play market

The FPS genre has gone through a sea of changes in the past decade. The decade began with story-driven titles dominating the genre and it has ended with a brand new multiplayer genre Battle Royale. This massive shift has compelled the studio to dabble into the market, and it also brought forward a new trend of free-to-play.

Prominent titles like Call of Duty Warzone, Counter-Strike, Apex Legends, and Valorant all followed the same formulae and earned massive success. It seems like Microsoft wants to capitalize on the same trend as well with its latest Halo title. The studio must have studied its competitors and found it to be the best move for them.

This decision will allow it to capture the market, and toss a wider net, which will attract more players to the title. It will undeniably bring Halo’s multiplayer back into the spotlight. Naturally, top streamers and professional players of the world will also pick up the game, which can make it a highly attractive commodity on Twitch.

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Watch: A Rub Tickling But Accurate Recap of Halo Storyline As We Await Launch of Infinite

Will Halo Esports return in 2022?

Halo Esports is still going through a period of slum and it has been ignored in the modern era. It seems like Microsoft is hoping to turn the tide with Infinite in 2021. The decision to go free-to-play is definitely aimed at winning over the fans and breathing new life in the franchise. This will allow them to gain a significant hold over the community and it might bring its Esports back to its glory days.

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